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A course designed to take your lettering hobby into a money-making creative career.

In this course, Sarah is sharing all her small business strategies and takes the guesswork out of starting a business! If you follow these blueprints you will be primed to build a successful businessIf you're a lettering artist who is tired of trying different business strategies without any real direction or clear, concise teaching, Business Blueprints is for you!

A course designed with YOU in mind

With videos and workbooks, you'll not only gain access to the Blueprints, you'll shape a specific business strategy and identity for you.

Get the whole scope of starting a brand and making money

In 5 modules (Course Overview below), you will be given all the tools to define your brand and niche audience, create products, build your platform, sell, and market your products.

Get your questions answered

Not sure how to set your pricing? We've got a whole lesson dedicated. Not sure where to start with social media? We got you covered. Too many ideas for products or not any? We'll help you find your audience.

Course Overview

Business Blueprints is your guide to starting a lettering business.

Module 1: Brand New

Learn ins and outs of starting your brand from the ground up. Name your business, create a brand, and learn basic business practices.

Module 2: Create 

But what if everyone else is already doing it? We dig into thought like this and create real solutions. Dive into market research and work on defining your niche so you can make products for your specific audience.

Module 3: Build

Get down to the core of building your business: from design work, photography, and copywriting to outsourcing work and project management.

Module 4: Sell

Compare online marketplaces, e-commerce websites, and other online platforms - Sarah gives you her exact list of resources she uses.

Module 5: Market

Learn how to start marketing your business with social media, paid promotions, and email marketing.


Get the Blueprints for $97!

Business Blueprints


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  • 5 Modules of Video tutorials
  • 5-Step Business Action Plan
  • Course Workbook
  • Business Branding
  • Marketing Strategies
  • Source Lists (steal my curated lists of business resources!)

Jumpstart a professional lettering business while building a passive income base

Whether you join this course to make money as a side-hustle or if you have plans to make your business your full-time job, this course gives you, the lettering artist, all the tools you need to bring your business to life. 

One-time payment 

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