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All the tools you need to start your journey as a lettering artist

In this course, Sarah will teach you how to letter on your iPad, plain and simple. The iPad Lettering Launchpad has everything you need for foundations on lettering and on using the iPad specifically. If you're the beginner who is tired of scrolling through hours of sped-up time-lapses on Instagram, trying to figure out how to even download your brushes or what apps to use, the Launchpad is for you!

Learn how letter with Procreate

With a video tutorial for each lesson, you'll learn the iPad lettering basics. From importing files and getting comfortable with the app to creating your PERFECT lettering brush and learning how to letter, you'll walk away confident.

We provide the tools to facilitate your learning

Follow along with the 38-page workbook, practice with your new lettering guides, brush pack, and color palettes. Sarah has created hundreds of iPad lettering tools and resources and these have been handpicked for you for this course.

Test your new iPad lettering skills

Who doesn't love a quiz? No surprises or trick questions here—just the most important ones to facilitate learning. Upon completion of the course, take an assessment to test your knowledge! Reflect on and seal in the new information.

Unlock your identity as a lettering artist

Walk away from this course not just familiar with iPad lettering, but confident in it. You may have started as a beginner letterer, but you'll end as a lettering artist

One-time payment 

Get lifetime access to the Launchpad for one payment of $37.

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Course Overview


Gain access to the workbook, Procreate brush pack, color palettes, and lettering guides.

Module 1: Getting Started

With video tutorials, Sarah walks you through importing each of the resources and basic necessities before you start lettering.

Module 2: How do I use Procreate?

Get an in-depth tour of the app Procreate's interface and gestures.

Module 3: How do I use brushes in Procreate?

Learn how to use, create, edit, and maximize the potential of Procreate brushes.

Module 4: How do I share/export from Procreate?

Learn how to share your artwork with the world.

Module 5: Start Lettering

Learn how to letter! From the basic strokes, connecting letters, and composition, to flourishes and mix and matching styles. 

Course Assessment

Take a multiple-choice quiz to test your new skillset as a letterer! Pass the assessment to receive your certificate of completion!

Get the Launchpad for $37!